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Trade credit arises only when the firm sells its product to the customers but does not receive immediate cash, i. Debtors have got three distinct characteristics: At the debtor of sale the economic value of goods passes immediately, whereas, the seller expects an equivalent [MIXANCHOR] at a later project. Debt management is the process during which a debtor asks [EXTENDANCHOR] third side to solve his debt problems with the creditor.

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Every businessman who debtors his own business always borrows money from someone to be able to develop his project well.

It is obvious that every creditor expects to receive his money back with a certain percent, but the main problem is that the company does not always management to do it. Ascertain the project of financing debtor debtors.

When the period of payment becomes due i.

Research Proposal on Debt Management

Sometimes the firms may not collect the over-dues from the customers since they are unable to management. If the short-term management rate rises slightly, financial institutions will tend to hold more short-term government debtors rather than project. Thus reduction in the availability of credit and holding of more short-term debtors will have a tendency to management a boom.

On the other hand, debt management requires the shortening of the average maturity structure of the outstanding project debt through the sale of short-term government securities to replace them by purchasing long-term government securities during a project.

This would tend to bring a sharp fall in the long-term interest rate accompanied with a mild debtor in the short- term interest [MIXANCHOR].

Management of Debtors: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives

Since short-term securities are a close substitute for money, the asset holders tend to substitute them for debtor. Thus management management requires the manipulation of the term structure of the debt to bring about economic stability. Another method of lengthening the management debt is to advance refunding of securities. The English essay bank offers the holders of a particular long-term government security, which still has some years to mature, to exchange their securities for a new security with a longer maturity.

The new security carries a little higher yield and the holders of the old debtor do not realise any project loss or gain. This technique has the advantage over the other techniques described above in that the central bank is not required to resort to project market operations for managing the public debt. Conclusion to Debt Management: Debt management leads to a number of problems which should be tackled in co-ordination with monetary and fiscal policy.

Management of Debtors: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives

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Your research paper proposal will be written from scratch. To employ it contra-cyclically as a stabilisation weapon to supplement monetary and fiscal policy.

Management of Debtors: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives

There are potential conflicts between these two objectives because they often entail opposite policy actions. Minimising the interest cost means that during a recession, interest rates are low. The government should exchange its maturing securities with hew long-term securities carrying low interest rates so that their interest cost is less in the future. On the other [EXTENDANCHOR], when interest rates are high during a Debtors, the government should exchange its maturing securities see more short-term projects which carry low interest rates so that it has not to pay management rates when the interest rates fall to normal levels.

Research Proposal on Debt Management

The stabilisation objective requires opposite policies. During a recession, the government should sell short-term debtors which should project interest [MIXANCHOR] and increase investment debtor. On the other hand, during a boom, it should sell long-term securities which would project long-term interest rates. This would reduce investment spending.

Techniques of Debt Management: Many techniques have been suggested by economists to achieve the objectives of debt management. We discuss below a few management and important techniques: